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Earthlink features various internet plans, unlimited data, fiber optic connectivity, and many basic communication and entertainment packages.

Take control in your palm with Earthlink

Earthlink equips fiber-optic networks and DSL to provide fast internet connections. The most popular Earthlink packages include DSL service, and Hyperlink plans, both of these plans utilize fiber-optic networks. However, the user’s residential area is considered to check the accessibility of certain packages. The high speed hyperlink Earthlink internet packages are; Hyperlink 50 Mbps featuring 50 Mbps speed and utilizes Fiber-optic, other plan is Hyperlink 100 Mbps with the speed of 100 Mbps and uses Fiber-optic network. The fastest internet connection provided by Earthlink is Hyperlink 1 Gbps featuring 1,000 Mbps and works with Fiber-optic technology.


Secure & Reliable Internet

Earthlink provides an inclusive set of techniques specially intended to protect users’ personal data and prevent cyberattacks. With Earthlink security tools users can monitor their child’s online activity, hide their identity, use high quality VPN or simply escape online traps. Earthlink also offers online monitoring services enabling the guardians to keep a check on their kids' activities. The feature monitors online screen timing, and search activity, however, the feature is valid for only 30 days and the extended version is available with premium plans. Earthlink is backed by NortonLifeLock, which protects to provide high-end security. Users receive the unique VPN, real-time protection, million-dollar protection package, as well as dark web monitoring. With one in all service, Earthlink also backup users' data so that nothing can get missed or lost. This brilliance in internet security makes Earthllink one of the most reliable connections.

A Leading Internet Provider Across USA

Earthlink is one of the most popular internet providers covering above than 30 states with its chief services including Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, and parts of Nevada and California. Vicinities surrounding metro areas can easily find Earthlink fiber-optic networks, however, spots near rural areas are most likely to get Earthlink DSL connections. Earth link fiber is accessible all-around major cities in the USA and delivers 1,000 Mbps max download speed and allows 10+ devices to connect at a time. The internet speed never gets down even in peak hours. Earthlink provides customer services 24/7 to assist users any time of the day which makes the installation and upgrading procedure easier than ever. To get the Earthlink services, enter the zip code to check available internet plans and packages in your area.